Study in Canada – A Guide For International Students

If you are confused about studying abroad, then you should take a decision based on the various factors of this country like immigration laws, conditions for residence, and employment possibilities.

Canada is a country which fulfills all these criteria.

It makes extraordinary residence possibilities available to the candidates because of the high human development index of this country. Immigration Canada programs are suitable for all kinds of candidates including those self-employed, employed and entrepreneurs.

This country also offers the candidate the options to gain permanent residency through the work permit options. Immigration in Canada is one of the most sought-after options because it allows people to take benefit from the subsidized health care programs.

Canada is a great country with a broad commitment to education. It’s important to understand why it is so. It’s because of the great expenditure of this country on the post-secondary education. This expenditure is so high because of the great importance that this country gives to education.

For students who are wishing to study in Canada, it is important to know that they don’t require a study permit if the duration of their course is lower than 6 months. It is also important to know that your admission should have happened into an authorized learning institution in the region of Canada. After getting the admission, it is important to prove your financial capability to pay the fees for the duration of the course for those who are willing to live and study in Canada. The financial proof is also required for yourself and that of the family members who are willing to accompany you on this study trip.

If you have received an offer letter from your designated learning institution, it is important to know that you need to include the DLI# number on your application for a study permit. However, since all the secondary and primary schools in Canada are already designated, there’s no need to provide a DLI number if you are applying for a study permit to study in these institutions.

Other requirements to study in Canada are clearing an interview with the immigration officer who needs to be convinced that you will leave this country as soon as the designated course gets over. To study English and work in India, it’s important to get in touch with consultants who can help you in achieving this goal. Forgetting a permit to study in Canada, it’s also important to know that you should have a clean background and not hold any criminal records.

Tijuana’s Legacy Of Art And Culture

Tijuana stands out for many qualities, for having expert Tijuana dentist like Bartell Dental or internationally recognized surgeons, but when it comes to art, we are not left behind either, for example in the celebration of eight decades of the birth of the Mexican writer Carlos Monsiváis, The Tijuana Cultural Center highlighted its precious legacy in part through the participation of several writers in the cycle called Mexico through culture.

The Mexican writers, in the framework of the celebration of eight decades of the birth of Carlos Monsiváis, commented that one of the fundamental characteristics of the cultural promoter was the independent inquiry, omnivorous curiosity to approach the details.

As collector also has its importance, he managed to give interest to various objects thanks to the look he gave them, and he had a prolific writer with an impressive coverage of national life.

He indicated that Carlos Monsiváis cultivated the chronicle and the essay, mainly around the current problems and committed to the popular struggles of Mexico and Latin America, which had a particular interest in the border and this region.

The cultural center of Tijuana has a room in honor of the artist, the Sala Carlos Monsiváis, which with this event has been full of both young people and adults, interested in it the works made by various artists and various activities that make the residents of many places remember him with admiration and respect.

The city is visited by more than four thousand Chinese people per week, and if we add to that, Germans, Australians, Japanese, Koreans and Anglo-Saxons, the compatriots on the other side are returning, and much is to visit us or invest in Tijuana in condominiums.

As for the situation of tourism in the city, it is expected that expectations will be exceeded and in the first quarter a lot of people will be received for gastronomy; An critical moment comes for the city because when there is an economic spill, we are implanted in the mobility of the capital.

The New Flamenco Fashion

In the era of globalization now every time countries feel closer and cultures are contagious, so has happened with flamenco fashion that has spread around the world being one of the pieces that should not be missing in the wardrobe of any girl , followed by semi-formal dresses and black blazers.

And it is that catwalks such as the International Week of Flamenco Fashion that has many years of experience, have given a huge projection that even come from different countries to see the famous catwalk. It is one of the best known local fashions internationally, but its economic impact is impressive and although there are currently no recent studies that measure flamenco fashion. This market is so big that it is difficult to have the exact number of companies that are dedicated to this sector, even more difficult to know the turnover or the number of jobs it generates.

But what we do know and we are very sure is that international trends and designers have already succumbed to flamenco fashion. One of the factors that have made flamenco fashion to be known around the world is thanks to the Andalusian Agency of Foreign Promotion that since the beginning of the century has strongly supported the international projection of flamenco fashion. According to the entity, the priority countries to publicize the sector are Japan, the United States and China. Although countries like Poland, United Kingdom, Morocco, Russia, Germany, Portugal, France and Chile have also been addressed.

It is interesting how flamenco dancing in Japan has made this country the most important for flamenco fashion since they have shown an immense love for the Andalusian way of life throughout history. It is not surprising then that there is a large number of flamenco dance academies, it is said that approximately there are more than 600 academies with an approximate of 50,000 students learning flamenco.

Tijuana one of the three cities with more events in the country

Since Tijuana is one of the three cities with the largest number of events in the republic, the BC Consume Local Event Expo, to be held for the first time in the region at the CECUT, will bring a range of 14 conferences aimed at to strengthen the culture of the accomplishment of events of great quality and international level. Events that benefit the transit of clients for dentists in Tijuana, restaurants and city squares


The general coordinator of the event, announced that this will be a platform to analyze and expose the industry behind the events through a series of conferences highlighting the keynote address ‘Entrepreneurs Surviving Stereotypes’, which seeks to teach how can we break with the paradigms that have been used to survive in the business world.


“Both entrepreneurs and the general public will give them all the necessary elements, not only psychology, coaches, representatives, but a whole different range of exhibitors with great experience to make them more clear at the time of wanting to undertake your company, and those who already have your company to reaffirm that knowledge with these people who are already successful, “he said.


He mentioned that the participation of the Technical Audio Coordinator of the Cervantino Festival, Federico Torres with the talk ‘Production and Coordination of Audios for Music Festivals, who will present how the whole technical area of ​​audio should be formed; and the Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, talking about ‘Being Emotionally Creative’, focused on entrepreneurs who want to start a business or a brand.


Along with the 130 stands placed on the CECUT esplanade, where the Human Development trainer, Fernando Inzunza, will also participate, there will also be Civil Associations that will offer free services from dental, doctors, workshops to empower enterprising women, workshops for children, and they will be providing services for the prevention of breast cancer with free mammograms, hair cuts, diabetes, HIV; as well as Cotuco with the tourist offer and the Ministry of Economy with the support schemes for entrepreneurs.


Eddie Corps, fashion designer with a career in Canes and other festivals, will also participate, organizing more than the logistics of an event, the theme of the catwalk, with the talk ‘Fashion Design and Events’; In addition, a representative of the Ministry of Economy of Tijuana, who will talk about the support for the creation of companies and the necessary paperwork.


“Having all the necessary tools with these personalities that already have great success, to be able to empower your company or to be clear about the idea of ​​how they can start a business is essential for this industry; that is why we look for this type of topics so that it is clear to them whether they are carrying out any massive event, if they want to be promoters, if they manage the coordination of their companies in events, business or if they are entrepreneurs, that is why we decide this kind of conferences. “He concluded.


With a series of cultural, musical and gastronomic activities in 2 stages, where the entrance to the event will be free and the conferences will have a modest cost for the attendees


They will present the result of an inclusive dance project

Something beautiful will happen in the city with the present the conclusion of the project: Duplex, choreographic integration, which teachers developed for 12 months with students from the Multiple Work Attention Center (CAM) Tijuana and Rosarito thanks to the support of the Stimulus Program Creation and Artistic Development of Baja California through the Institute of Culture of Baja California. Some people may despise how valuable it is for all children to dance, have fun, be with their friends, that is the small things that make us happier. We do not underestimate the other services that children need, such as  dentists in Mexico who specialize in the teeth care of special children


In the 12 months of work, contemporary dance and urban dance classes were given to a group of adolescents with physical and / or intellectual disabilities, supported by guest teachers and the teaching staff of the Rosarito and Tijuana CAM. The assembly of 2 choreographies was developed and will be performed by the young and enthusiastic dancers.


During its development, the project sought to bring the students of CAM to the appreciation and humanistic awareness found in the performing arts through workshops and dance practice.


Achieving that students acquire tools of corporal expression integrating dance as an element of social integration was one of the main goals during the process.


“The work that CAM performs is of utmost importance for the integration of young people into society, through dance I managed to connect with them to a level beyond the corporal, the movement was the means to find us and realize that We can all dance.

“In those hours we spent together we learned that dance is universal and as different as we are we have something in common, WE LOVE TO DANCE.”


benefits of dance in kids


they are happier

they have more opportunities to excel in whatever they want

their minds are more active

Your body is more in shape

they learn to live with adults and children

you never know when the dance is going to be a child’s passion

Is the boom of solar energy approaching?

Is the boom of solar energy approaching?


Among renewable energies, photovoltaic solar could have some of the best prospects for its development.


Although it is not known if it can be met, Mexico has a goal in terms of renewable energy: by 2024, it expects that 35% of electricity produced in the country come from clean sources, the Energy Secretary said at the beginning of the year.


To reach this goal, the federal government has committed 160 million dollars (mdd) for the development of projects and innovation. Even you can also give an opportunity to solar energy in Tijuana with Thrive Solar by installing it in your home, it may be an investment at first but in the future it will be cheaper.


Among renewable energies, photovoltaic solar would perhaps have some of the best prospects for its growth. Currently the country has an installed capacity of 36.8 megawatts (MW) in solar projects, mainly for rural and industrial electrification, according to data from Proméxico.


According to the agency, Mexico is one of the five countries in the world with the greatest attraction to invest in solar energy, since its geographical location allows the development of these projects and is the largest producer of photovoltaic modules in Latin America.


So, why have not you bet more decisively on these projects? It can be attributed to several factors: to the belief that the cost of production remains high with respect to other technologies; the scarcity of financing for these projects and the lack of attention to renewable energies within the energy reform.


However, Mexico’s potential in this area, lower costs and greater financing capacity can make Mexico finally ‘see the light’, according to specialists.


It is no longer expensive as was thought


The production of solar energy is becoming competitive with respect to other energies, which makes it an attractive source for investment

Photovoltaic solar energy has a competitive price, both for small installations located on roofs and roofs, as well as for larger ones such as large-scale power plants. In addition, photovoltaic solar power plants are, compared to other renewable technologies, faster and easier to install. As a result, photovoltaic solar energy projects may present less complexity for their financing compared to other renewable technologies.


The first year of operations of Solartec was in 2010. And until 2014, the costs of the systems have been reduced from 70 to 80%. Most people, even the authority, were left with a very old-fashioned idea of ​​solar energy, he says.


Ben Moody adds that, specifically, the cost of solar panels has been reduced by more than 60% in the last three years from an average price of around 1.81 dollars per watt in 2010 to 0.70 dollars per watt today.


The ‘birth’ of investments


The Secretary of Energy (Sener) indicated in a 2012 document that one of the main characteristics of successful cases for the promotion of photovoltaic systems is to include long-term financial incentives, elaboration of market studies, dissemination of the benefits of these systems, among others.


But apart from the investment that the public sector can make in Mexico, there are examples of projects driven by private initiative, explains Ben Moody, of Pan American Finance.


Countries like Chile, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Thailand are doing solar photovoltaic projects that offer long-term electricity at a competitive cost compared to current energy prices. Major large-scale solar photovoltaic projects are being developed ranging from 75MW to 150MW, both by global energy companies such as Enel and Total, as well as by independent solar energy producers.

The Best Schools To Study Photography In Mexico

From workshops of a few hours to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, there is everything, both for the aspiring photographer and for the professional. We present the definitive current guide to study photo in Mexico. It is always important to follow your dreams and sometimes to achieve it you have to move from your native country and better if it is a city that is close to the beach, in Baja California, more specifically the house of the best orthodontics in Tijuana.


Master’s Degree in Photography Management – Ibero Tijuana

With a duration of 2 years, this master’s degree prepares you for a wide field of work within the photographic production. Inquiring as much in the theoretical, conceptual and historical as practical aspects of photography, this program aims to train leaders in the field.


Institute of Photography of the Northwest (Tijuana)

Specialized in artistic photo, portrait and astrophotography.

In the city of Tijuana is the IFN, born of Antonio Leyva’s effort to establish quality photographic education in this area of ​​the country. He currently has 4 teaching programs: initiation in photography, project development, astrophotography and intensive workshops with guest teachers. There are also specialization courses in wedding photo (Leyva’s main performance field), commercial and dental photo.


Undoubtedly, today is one of the best times to learn photo. Whether you are looking for formal education, you need to update your knowledge or you have just discovered in the photo a way to inject creativity into your life, Mexico, wherever you live, has more and more options to satisfy your artistic hunger.

With the highest concentration and variety of schools in the country, the CDMX has a menu for all tastes, inclinations and aptitudes.


For example…


Active School of Photography


Specialized in artistic, commercial and photojournalism.

With over 40 years of having its doors open, the EAF takes a long road where it has established itself as one of the best photo schools in Mexico. The list of outstanding alumni is backed by: Patricia Aridjis, Maya Goded and Alfonso Cuarón, to name a few.


Its academic offer includes a full career of 9 quarters, which is officially valid before the SEP. This ranges from the history of photography, portrait and product to old techniques (the first process of capturing and printing images such as the blueprint or palladium). You learn the basics with roll photography and dark room and then move on to the digital photo. It also offers graduates -with a duration of 3 months- specialized in different areas such as photojournalism, editing and black and white, among others.


Note: it has schools in the State of Mexico, Querétaro, Morelos and Guanajuato.


Academy of Visual Arts (AAVI)


Specialized in artistic, fashion and commercial photo.

A proposal of the most complete for those seeking professional training. His Diploma in Photography – which can be taken in a year – includes the now indispensable video management and allows you to specialize in one of 11 photographic branches. It also offers short courses where you can delve into topics such as lighting, travel photos and digital printing.


Among his unique learning offers are the photo tours to Xochimilco and the 2-week exchange with the Neue Schule für Fotografie school in Berlin.


Shakespeare for the whole family

The assembly De La Piara Teatro and Las Brujas Producciones is full of fun situations and moving moments


Comedy, humor and references to William Shakespeare are part of Bottom’s work, a montage that began the season on the Hellenic Cultural Center. And as good actors all have white and clean teeth and it’s because they went to their dentist in Mexico because a good theatrical work started with actors well prepared and ready to deliver everything on stage.


Three amateur actors, Bottom, Quince and Flute try to earn the 25 thousand shillings that the queen offers for those who present the best show on their wedding day.


On the one hand, Quince and Flute want to make a dramatic play of Shakespeare, from Othello and Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet, but his colleague and first-time playwright Bottom wants to convince them that it is his text about the tragic history of Pyramus and Thisbe.


Time is running out so they decide to stage the Bottom proposal in which there is no shortage of entanglements, a love story, the death of lovers and references to the well-known English playwright.


Funny situations, failed choreographies, songs that end badly, some dialogues in rhyme and an unnatural acting intensity derive at the moment endearing, tender and moving.


The cast is composed of Artus Chávez, Jerónimo Best and Rodrigo Murray, who alternates roles with Fernando Córdova. The direction is in charge of Iona Weissberg and Aline de la Cruz.


Although the work is located in 1595, in the Elizabethan era and the actors use a wardrobe of the time, allusion is made to the current context in musical pieces, phrases and electronic devices such as cell phones.


Without the need of great scenographic resources and with only a few wooden furniture, the dramatic action falls on the actors who at all times keep the attention of the public with their carefree and friendly gags in the clown style.


Inspired by the comedy Dream of a Summer Night, the work directed to the whole family is a collective creation of La Piara Teatro and Las Brujas Producciones with the support of the fiscal stimulus of article 190 of the LISR (Efiteatro).


Baja California Center And Art In The Industry

With the aim of showing quality artistic expressions to the population, the Arte en la Industria program and Baja California Center signed a collaboration agreement to exhibit the works of local artists during the events offered by the venue. The state of Baja California has much to offer tourists and those who like to migrate to the lands of the bighorn sheep, with cultural events, beautiful beaches besides the many options of beautiful houses for sale in rosarito.


During the weekly session of Tijuana Innovadora, the director of the Baja California Center, Jair López, indicated that this agreement is intended to show the paintings that Arte en la Industria keeps traveling and that are being periodically changed.


“We want our local, national and foreign visitors to know and enjoy the works that this project offers, especially we want them to know what local artists do,” he said.


He also informed that since its inauguration in April 2013 the building has registered a total of 783 thousand visitors, and by the end of 2017 they expect to have received 200 thousand people who will be able to enjoy the pieces.


It is worth mentioning that Baja California Center is a space where congresses, exhibitions and concerts are held, in which up to August of 2017 a total of 229 events have been developed, which generated an economic income exceeding 779 million Mexican pesos, being also the enclosure of this type with greater growth in the last 3 years.


“I think that exhibiting local art is of great importance. Baja Center has the appropriate facilities for both events and for the exhibition of the works, we want the community to get closer and enjoy this collaboration, “he said.


Finally, he said that Tijuana Innovadora has always contributed a grain of sand to society and feels grateful to be part of this type of project.


Youth will participate in music festival in Brazil

We all know that Mexico has a lot of rhythm and flavor but being invited by another country known worldwide for its music and dance as it is Brazil, turns out to be an honor and so it happened in this case with the aim of spreading the talent of Tijuana, four young scholars of the Artistic Talents Program of the Institute of Culture of Baja California, will participate in the Music Festival in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The director of the Institute of Culture of Baja California said that the four students will move to the exotic and magical South American country to participate in this event that has worldwide recognition that is why by attending this important event, young people will put on high that they are going representing Baja California, Mexico, they will also have the opportunity to learn from the best since they will be able to attend workshops and master classes with top-level international teachers, he said.

He indicated that the young people will also participate in a series of concerts where they will live with talented young musicians from different countries and join the international festival orchestra where they will showcase the talent of Baja California. Of course young people feel excited and nervous at the same time that they will be seen by thousands of people, but they feel calm because they know they have a perfect smile thanks to the work done by the best dentists in Tijuana and they have a smile that shines on kilometers of distance.

Through the program of Artistic Talents of the Institute of Culture of Baja California, it is possible to support and build the artistic development with the quality of the scholars supporting them with their participation, preparation and exchange, as well as the presence of young people inside and outside the country, indicated .

Bejarano Giacomán commented that Michelle Cisneros, Diego Manuel Anderson, Fernanda Salizzoni and Gabriel García Gutiérrez, are the music scholars of the Artistic Talents Program of Baja California that will participate in the Femusic 2018 in Brazil.

Lo mas nuevo para tus estrategias digitales

Los anuncios de clip han existido por algún tiempo, aunque puede contar con ellos como una fuerza dominante en los siguientes doce meses.

Los anuncios de clip ofrecen publicidad de interrupción que se parece mucho a una empresa que se ve presionado a mirar en la televisión. Hacen que la gente tome nota del servicio o producto publicitado.

Hoy en día, cada vez es más probable que haga clic en una publicación de blog y descubra un anuncio de clip completamente grabado justo en medio de los artículos. El anuncio incluirá con frecuencia sonido que interrumpe el enfoque del suyo cuando intenta ver la publicación.

Los editores están buscando cualquier forma de obtener ganancias de los weblogs de los suyos. Los anuncios de clip ofrecen formas efectivas y lucrativas de hacer exactamente eso.

Las personas de blogs informales que se jactan de que boicotearán los sitios con anuncios de video acabarán por boicotear una gran cantidad de sitios web a los que les quedará casi nada para leer en la web.

Naturalmente, los anuncios de video también funcionan muy bien en YouTube. Los anunciantes tienen numerosas opciones para publicar anuncios de video en esa plataforma.

Los anuncios de video también se pueden ofrecer en sitios web de redes sociales, como Instagram y Facebook. Esas plataformas también ofrecen excelentes opciones de orientación también.

Dentro del próximo año, los estrategas expertos producirán anuncios de video individuales que se ejecutarán a través de numerosos canales, como blogs, YouTube, así como sitios web de redes sociales y necesitan contar con un buen diseño web y marketing en tijuana. Eso generará un buen retorno de la inversión, ya que mantiene bajos los costos de producción.

Además, los anuncios de video funcionan bien en las plataformas móviles. Debido a que la ingeniería móvil es probable que obtenga más avanzado desde ahora mismo, no hay motivo para cuestionar que la transmisión de video sea constantemente compatible con teléfonos inteligentes, tabletas y phablets.

Todos los hemos visto: anuncios en la página de inicio de un sitio que son como una parte normal del sitio web si cuenta con una auditoria SEO tijuana mexico. Puede contar con ver mucho más de ellos en la próxima temporada. Se les conoce como “anuncios nativos” ya que no se ven como anuncios publicitarios. Parecen ser una parte normal del sitio. Pero en caso de que haga clic en uno de esos anuncios, el editor del sitio gana una tarifa nominal.

Van a aumentar en popularidad con la próxima temporada por algunos de los factores. Inicialmente, brindan al visitante una experiencia mucho mejor ya que no se basan en publicidad de interrupción. Algunos editores que pueden no estar dispuestos a aceptar los anuncios de video van a considerar los anuncios nativos como una opción de monetización.

Esto se debe a que los anuncios de los indígenas frecuentemente hacen uso de los titulares de clickbait que ayudan a los marketers a conocer las perspectivas.

Learn Spanish and discover new cultures

Finding an innovative society is actually an immensely enriching experience intricately tied to the expertise of a different language like Spanish, that is why the option of using online spanish classes can help you a lot when you are planning you travels. Naturally, you are able to discover a specific geography’s culture without realizing the language, but that is sort of just like seeing a video of a live show. You can see the show, understand the plot, though you miss out on the buzz as well as the actual sensation of being in the target audience of the theater. You are able to be taught a great deal about a lifestyle, though you cannot believe it completely without tossing yourself in, and this starts with the language learning process.